Refresh Your Web Page By Removing Cookies and Cache


In Blogger Forums, when answering many people, with almost common reason, that they cannot see the change or there blog is offline, and bla………
but at the  same time accessing the same web page from a totally new and fresh Browser, gives another preview
so ? is there any two versions of blogs, websites , webpages…. huh ? The answer is no! There is no such thing that there will be something other for Admin and other for visitors.
But we are occasionally  having two different version at time. Who is responsible for it ?

The Website Host ? Registrar ? or the Programmer who has designed the web page?
answer is your own Computer and Browser

How is it possible Thinking smile ?

when you visit a site! some of the things like Cascading style sheet , Javascript, are temporarily stored on your computer for faster access to the website whenever you visit a site, In other words . Cache is the copy of the sites on your web browser or computer or both, that have recently visited during browsing,
Cache , and due to cache the major changes (and sometimes even the minor change) are not appeared.
Can I turn of the cache? the answer is no!

what to do now, To view the new version of the website ?
Clear the cache, so the old image, of the website will be removed and new Fresh Cache will be created after visiting the site again.

Here , in this tutorial I am going to show , how to do so for some major browsers, of desktop and mobile with screenshots (if possible)
For Desktops You Can download CCLEANER, it is the best software, that I have used.
it is compatible with  Windows and Mac
Download CCleaner From Here

How To use CCleaner ?

To Refresh the changes by removing cookies and cache from browsers, See what to do and what to not using CCleaner, in below video

For Mobile Users

Opera Mini

Start Opera Mini (candy bar phones) , Press #8, scroll towards bottom and hit on clear cookies. click on yes, and wait the cookies and cache will be cleared.

For Touch Screen, Start Opera Mini, press on menu –> settings –> Privacy –> Click On Clear Cookies, Clear History. in both it will ask with a warning , press yes.


Menu –> Tools –> Clear History Select all checkbox and hit on clear, it will ask with a warning and press ok.

U.C Web Browser

Menu –> Tools –> Clear History –> Hit Clear Or ok. press yes when confirmation box appears.

What to do after everything is cleared ?

Simply go to the webpage, website, blog or whatever you want to see a new look.

Enjoy! the new look, if you have any browser that is not listed here simply contact us and we will add to this post with your credit. Smile


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