Version 2.0 Development

Here, at NSM Techie. We are re-designing the whole website , from design to content, nothing goes 'untouched '.
All of the content, that were published before on the website, may or may not appear again on the website, in the newer version of website.
We do need help. If you can volunteer in any terms to the development of website; Please do so.

  • Web Designers
  • Seo Optimisation
  • Authors (Need to create content or may even help in proof-reading )
  • Social media(To create an user base)
  • Graphic development (To create/help for new/editing images and logo)

If you have something to volunteer other than mentioned on above points. Please feel free to contact.
To volunteer on any of the above mentioned points or if you have any other query regarding volunteering. Fill up the details and contact us

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