Carousel App from Dropbox is now officially available on Android and IOS app store

Download for IOS -
Download for Android -
Here are some of the key description provided by the app, and why you should be using 'Carousel'
and I quote "
Carousel is the new gallery from Dropbox for your life’s memories.
It’s a single home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and always with you.
Swap and share photos and videos instantly in private conversations. Save the memories your friends share with one tap.
Carousel automatically backs up photos and videos to Dropbox as you take them, so all your memories are kept safe in one place.

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A drone, that can hack into smartphones using WIFI network[Video]

An ethical hacker demonstrates here, how he used a small drone , and installed a software, which he calls it 'Snoopy'.
What it basically does it that : It scans for the smartphones , which has wifi enabled and is searching for a network to connect, where the drone acts as a dummy network for which the smartphone is looking, and will grant the access to connect it . After connecting , it will steal, credentials stored on your smartphone and send it to the hacker .

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Getting a Google + Custom URL (With Images)

Applying and creating a custom Google + URL, making it look less confusing, and also branding your social space with an unique name.

Things to know first : 

To avoid spam : Google has created a process / eligibility, must be achieved to get a custom URL of own choice.
Your Google + Profile must be eligible to have it's own custom URL

For Individual Users :

  • Ten or more followers
  • Account is 30 days old or more
  • Profile includes profile photo

For Local Google+ Pages: 

It must be verified on Google + before creating a custom URL of Local business . (Verification must be done as recommended by Google)

For Non-local Google+ Pages:

This trick should do it , just by adding a link to one of the website, where you own a particular part of it should make it eligible . 
It's your chance , create a blog, or a facebook page and simply link. While make sure it is older than '30 days' and Google + account should be allowed to create very own custom url username.
Also, Make sure to add it on your Google+ profile as a verified website owner . (A Blog, Facebook page , or even an Youtube channel can be added to the profile account)

Steps to check whether your Google+ account is eligible for custom URL.
Sign In to Google Plus account :, Drag your cursor over Google+ 'Main Menu' on Left-corner of the web page.

A list of links to other pages may appear , while click at the link which says 'Profile'.

Click the About tab and, under Links > Google+ URL, click Edit.

A box will appear allowing you to make edits to the formatting.

Remember, you can only change the capitalisation and diacritics of the URL, not the URL itself.

Once, after adding up the letters for the custom URL , check the box 'I agree to the...' and hit Change URL.

NOTE: Custom URL created on Google + can't be changed after it's updated.

Source(s) : Google Support

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7 most amazing gadgets for blogger for technology blog

When you are concentrating on the technology blog, then you should have some gadgets, which will help you to make it possible. Actually, these gadgets are essential for any technology blog. The reason is that without these gadgets you will never build your technology blog. The main issue is that for a blogger, these gadgets will provide the enough information for any technology blog, which ultimately makes the masterpiece as well.
For any blog, you will need a computer whether it is personal computer or laptop. Nevertheless, you should know that personal computer and laptop have a different usability for the blogger. The reason is that the personal computer or desktop will require when you have to work a lot. Burt, in the case of the laptop, you will require it when you are on the move and portability. Therefore, your technology blog will require both of its functions. Actually, when you are on the move for collecting the information for the technology blog, then the laptop will come handy even its portability will make your job more easily as well. Another point you have to keep in your mind that the personal computer is good for the heavy works and the laptop is good for the light workload as well. 
Mechanical keyboard
For any kind of blogging, you will need the keyboard at the regular interval for the replacement. The reason is that blogging means more writing. So more writing will increase the wears and tears of the keyboard. Therefore, it is very much essential for you to use the mechanical keyboard. The reason is that this keyboard will have a minimum wears and tears as well. Therefore, you can expect the long service from it when you have huge workloads as well. 
This gadget has changed the communication outlook of the modern society. Moreover, this gadget is very much handy and useful for any blogger particularly the technology blogger. The reason is that the smartphone always provide information about the latest technology and development at the regular interval through it. Therefore, for a blogger, it is a boon and meets the demand for the latest update information for the blog post as well. Actually, you will get many applications on the different smartphone operating systems. Therefore, you will never face any short of information regarding your technological blog post. 
Wireless mouse
When you will require on screen manipulation on your laptop or personal computer, then you will see that the wireless mouse comes handy for you. Actually, your job will be easier if you do not like to use extensively on the wired technology. Moreover, the wireless mouse will free you from the wired inconvenience as well. Since, you will able to operate on screen manipulation on your comfortable zone as well. 
Power backup
The constant power supply is vital for any kind of computing. Therefore, the power backup is essential issue for any blogger as well. Therefore, you can use the portable power for your blogging purpose. Therefore, you can carry this power back up everywhere you go. Actually, you can use this power backup for any kind of power emergency when the power supply is scarce as well. 
Wireless router cum modem
For any kind of blogging, whether it is technological or not, you will require modem for the internet as well. Therefore, the wireless router cum modem will give you an opportunity to explore the internet for the information regarding the technological blogging. It is essential for any blogger. The reason is that the wireless router cum modem will give you opportunity to share the internet connection on your computing devices and smartphones as well. Therefore, though this gadget you will be always connected to the internet world all the daylong. 

It is the latest version of the small computer. Actually, this gadget will work as a substitute for the laptop. However, it is the limited edition as well. Moreover, you can tell its form for the internet browsing and the light computing works. It is observed that this gadget is very much useful for the light computing and the better internet use. For the technological blogging, you will feel the ultimate comfort from the use of the tablet. Actually, it has a unique portability power which will able to use anywhere you like. Moreover, it can easily fit in your pocket. 
Therefore, these amazing gadgets are not only increasing the chances for the efficient technological blog but also it will shine through your blogging skill as well. 

Brianne Walter is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contributes on getamplify

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5 mistakes which you doing continuous on social media

When we are going to join in any social media site, then we have one thing in our mind is that we can get a lot of friend in our friend list in the quick succession as well. Nevertheless, in the reality, it comes very rude when we face the music through our ignorance as well. Actually, it happens due to for getting the result quickly and makes our life more miserable on the social media platform. 
Disclosing information
When we make the friendship on the social media, we unconsciously or consciously put our private information in it. Therefore, some evil eyes exploit it for their own interest. Moreover, these kinds of approach will make our life more vulnerable to our privacy as well. Actually, this processing continuously happening in our life through the social media windows. If we can resist this temptation for keeping our privacy intact on the social media platform, then we can lead a formidable life as well. 
Adding unknown
Always try to avoid for adding the unknown person in your social media account. The reason is that it will bring the unnecessary problem for you. Particularly, if you make the friendship with the person one thing is sure that you have to judge well before you allow the unknown person to your social media account. Even, it is observed that the unknown person can take the undue advantages from you by showing you as if your true friend. Since, allowing the unknown person in your social media account is just a folly. Moreover, you may designate yourself as a foolish person to your acquaintances as well. 
Relationship making
The relationship making on the social media platform will give you a unique experience if you do it ignorantly as well. Otherwise, it will be a dull one. On the social media platform, the relationship will never be enjoyable and it only possible when the both the persons are meeting on the virtual front. At first, the suspicion will be built when they will first meet on the social media as well. 
Unfocused sharing
Never try to share anything with anybody ignorantly on the social media platform. The reason is that if you share anything with anybody without knowing the purpose of it, then you will face the music in the course of time. Practically, you should know that when you like to share anything with your social media member, then you should know whom you are sharing with. Otherwise, your sharing may bring danger as well. 
Insecure joining
It is a good move when you are going to join in the social media website. It is your responsibility to check where you are joining as well. Otherwise, if you join the wrong social media site, then your purpose will not be served well. Therefore, you have to check the social media site whether it is secure or not. It is observed that this kind of social media site deliver the negative feedback about you.
If you do mistake continuously over the times, then you will face the negative result from the social media platform as well.

Brianne Walter is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contributes on techcrunch

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